ISSI Workshop on Solar Dynamics and its Effects on the Heliosphere and Earth

Bern, Switzerland, 18-22 April 2005

Publication plan


It is planned that this workshop will lead to a volume in the Space Sciences Series of ISSI, published as a hardcover book by Springer (who took over from Kluwer)and as an issue of Space Science Reviews.

The volume will be edited by Dan Baker, Berndt Klecker, Steve Schwartz, Rainer Schwenn, and Rudolf von Steiger. All papers will be reviewed by an independent referee (who may or may not be a workshop participant). Moreover, all manuscripts will also be read by one of the editors with the aim to reduce undue duplications or inconsistencies between the different contributions, which will be communicated to the authors along with the referee reports.

The status of the editing process, including hyperlinks to the submitted papers, is available by clicking here.


Refereeable draft manuscripts of all papers are due on 22 July 2005 at the latest.

The review process and the revision of the papers are estimated to take about one month each. Final, camera-ready manuscripts will be due after the review process, on 21 October 2005 at the latest.

The volume is scheduled to appear as a hardcover book in the Space Sciences Series of ISSI and as an issue of Space Science Reviews in early 2006.

Please submit your contribution on schedule in order to allow rapid publication of the intense work done by the participants at this workshop.

Page limits

The length of the papers is limited to about 12 pages in the Springer SSR format (see below) including figures, tables, references, etc.
It is suggested that authors use the Springer SSR format (see below) for their papers already when writing the draft version in order to keep them within the page limits. Note that the format only allows for about 450-500 words per page (minus the space used for figures, tables, references, etc.).

Submission procedure

All draft manuscripts should be submitted to ISSI either by electronic means, either by email attachments or by anonymous FTP to the ISSI server Please change to the /incoming directory, put your files there, and notify ISSI by an email message to

Camera-ready papers

After the reviewing and editing process, authors will have to produce a final, camera-ready version of the paper. It is strongly urged to use LaTeX2e for this purpose. Other electronic formats are acceptable in exceptional cases but will have to be converted to LaTeX at ISSI. The LaTeX class files needed for the preparation of the camera-ready papers can be found on the ISSI server; see the instructions below for details.

All final papers will have to be submitted in electronic format (i.e. as LaTeX source code except if agreed otherwise) so the final editing can be done at ISSI in order to make the volume look much more uniform.

Figures will be needed as separate files each, preferably in PS or EPS format, which allows them to be included automatically in the text. The use of colour figures is possible, but incurs considerable cost to ISSI. Therefore it is requested that such figures are used only when the colour information is essential to the meaning of the figure, not just to make it look nicer.




All final manuscripts of papers accepted for publication in the proceedings volume, which will appear as a hardcover book as well as in Space Science Reviews, are to be prepared in camera-ready form, with strict adherence to the guidelines given below.

Format Instructions

Camera-ready manuscripts should be prepared using LaTeX. Manuscripts using other text-processing software are acceptable only in exceptional cases and should be formatted as described below. In either case, authors are strongly advised to consult a recent issue of Space Science Reviews concerning questions of journal style.


For preparing the camera-ready manuscripts, authors should use the class file spackap.cls, which also calls spacfam.sty, and follow the instructions in the file usrman.pdf (or if you prefer). This class file is a variant of kluwer.cls specifically for Space Science Reviews. You may also use the generic kluwer.cls file if you prefer, and the adaptation to SSR will be done at ISSI. All these files are available at the ISSI server, as well as an example paper, which you may use as a template:

If you have problems obtaining these zip files, or unpacking them, let me know by email ( so we can find a workaround.

Possible pitfalls and points to observe:


Manuscripts prepared using other systems will be converted to LaTeX by ISSI. Please make use of this possibility only if you are completely unfamiliar with LaTeX and contact the editor at ISSI beforehand to make sure that the conversion will be possible.