ISSI Workshop

Planetary Systems and Planets in Systems

held in Saas Fee, Switzerland, on 2-6 September 2002


Convenors:    Stephane Udry, Univ. Genève,
                        Willy Benz, Univ. Bern,  
                        Johannes Geiss, ISSI Bern,
                        Rudolf von Steiger, ISSI Bern,

Local contact: Rudolf von Steiger, ISSI Bern,

Workshop Secretary: Brigitte Fasler, ISSI Bern,  
Swiss Space Office,

Objective: With improving detection methods and passing time, multiple planetary systems are being discovered in increasing numbers. This workshop shall address the observational and theoretical issues specific to planetary systems and to planets in multiple stellar systems. The focus will be on the detection of planetary systems, of planets in binary or multiple stellar systems and on the understanding of the formation and the dynamical interactions in such systems including their observational consequences (stability, resonances, orbital evolution, etc.). 

This workshop is held in honor of Professor Michel Mayor’s sixtieth birthday; attendance is by invitation only.