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October 2010

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ISSI Newsletter

This is the first issue of the ISSI Newsletter which will appear 2-3 times per year with the latest information about the International Space Science Institute. To recommend the ISSI Newsletter to your collegues please click here>.

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New Publications

Space Science Series of ISSI


Volume 33: Planetary Magnetism

U.R. Christensen, A. Balogh, D. Breuer,
K.-H. Glaßmeier (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-4419-5900-3
published in September 2010
Reprinted from Space Science Reviews Volume 152, No. 1-4, 2010

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Volume 34:
Probing the Nature of Gravity - Confronting Theory and Experiment in Space

C.W.F. Everitt, M.C.E. Huber,
R. Kallenbach, G. Schäfer, B.F. Schutz,
R.A. Treumann (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-4419-1361-6
published in June 2010
Reprinted from Space Science Reviews
Volume 148, No. 1-4, 2009

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Scientific Reports

Volume 9: Observing Photons in Space

M.C.E. Huber, A. Pauluhn, J.L. Culhane, J.G. Timothy, K. Wilhelm, A. Zehnder (Eds.) Results of an ISSI Working Group
ISBN 978-92-9221-938-3
published in September 2010

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SPATIUM Magazine

Volume 25: Climate Change

by Thomas Stocker
University of Bern, Switzerland
Published in September 2010

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Upcoming Pro ISSI Event
Talk on " Wie schwarz sind schwarze Löcher?"

The Association Pro ISSI hosts regular events for its members inviting leading personalities of the science community to present scope and results of their activities. Next Lecture will take place on 11 November 2010, 18h15 at ISSI. Dr. Maurizio Falanga of the International Space Science Institute, Switzerland will give a public talk in German with the title "Wie schwarz sind schwarze Löcher?". Continue reading

ISSI and Earth Sciences
A brief history

ISSI has entered a more formal relationship with ESA's Earth Observation Programmes Directorate. A programme was set up addressing topics of Interdisciplinarity character and of relevance for ESA's Living Planet programme and for the International Polar Year. Continue reading

Advance Notice: Call for Proposals 2011

Teams are one of the ISSI tools, through which relatively small groups of scientists involved in Space Research can work together in an efficient and flexible format of several subsequent
meetings, during which data are analysed and compared with theories and models. This call is open to scientists of any nationality, and active in research in Space Sciences and Earth sciences using space data. The next call for proposals will be released in January 18, 2011. These proposals are evaluated and selected by the ISSI Science Committee in June 2011.

From the Directors
ISSI's first and most important duty is to serve the international community of Space Science. It is therefore a pleasure to introduce, with this Newsletter, another element to further improve our service. Please enjoy browsing and using it as an entry point to peruse our website. We welcome your feedback about the Newsletter or the Webpage to Andrea Fischer.


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