Newsletter Nr. 9

July 2014

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New Selected International Teams 2014
33 Teams have been selected for implementation from the proposals received in response to the 2014 Call for International Teams by the Science Committee. Three of the teams will meet for the first time at ISSI Beijing and at ISSI.

New selected Teams 2014

New Publications

Space Science Series of ISSI


Volume 46: The Earth's Hydrological Cycle

edited by L. Bengtsson, R.M. Bonnet, M. Calisto, G. Destouni, R. Gurney, J. Johannessen, Y. Kerr, W.A. Lahoz, M. Rast

ISBN 978-94-017-8788-8

Reprinted from Surveys in Geophysics Volume 35, 4, 2014

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Scientific Report Series

Observing Photons in Space  

Volume 9: Observing Photons in Space

A Guide to Experimental Space Astronomy

Second edited Edition

edited by M.C.E. Huber, A. Pauluhn, J.L. Culhane, J.G. Timothy, K. Wilhelm, A. Zehnder

ISBN 978-1-4614-7803-4

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SPATIUM Magazine


No. 33: Pluto and Its Cohorts

by Hermann Boehnhardt

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"Understanding Gravity" Final Report

Gravity is a fundamental force that, in addition to its physical importance underpins many human activities – particularly those undertaken in Space. In spite of its crucial role, it is one of the least well-understood forces. Thus it is both a key concept in Physics while having application in a range of important practical areas including time measurement, navigation and the properties of Earth and other planets.

The ESA High-level Science Policy Advisory Committee (HISPAC), an advisory body that reports to the Director-General, has defined a number of Grand Science Themes and Cross-cutting Enabling Technologies. Understanding Gravity is one of four science themes and the committee suggested to held this Forum (3/4 December 2013) to enable a wide-ranging discussion of this topic.

To the Final Report of the Forum

Europe's 50-Year Space Odyssey
ESA Euronews

These days, the space sector is all around us – in navigation and telecommunications, for example – yet Europe’s space sector is only 50 years old. That past half century has been a roller-coaster ride of rockets and satellites, and this edition of Space tells that story.

Watch the Movie on Euronews Channel

Upcoming Pro ISSI Talk on "Gaia Mission"
with Stefan Jordan on October 22, 2014

Der Verein Pro ISSI organisiert regelmässig Referate mit führenden Persönlichkeiten aus der Wissenschaft. Der nächste Vortrag findet am 22. Oktober 2014, um 18.15 Uhr, am ISSI statt. Stefan Jordan (Astronomisches Recheninstitut
am Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg, Deutschland) wird zur "GAIA Mission" referieren. Der Vortrag ist in deutscher Sprache.

The Association Pro ISSI hosts regular events for its members inviting leading personalities of the science community to present scope and results of their activities. Next Lecture will take place on 22 October 2014, 18h15 at ISSI. Stefan Jordan (University of Heidelberg, Germany) will give a public talk on the "GAIA Mission".

More Information about the Pro ISSI Association

Personal Web Page of the lecturer Stefan Jordan

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