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January 2015

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Call for Proposals 2015 Johannes Geiss Fellowship
The JGF is established to attract to ISSI - for limited duration visits - international scientists of stature, who can make demonstrable contributions to the ISSI mission and increase ISSI’s stature by their presence and by doing so will honour Johannes Geiss for his founding of ISSI and his contributions to ISSI, and for his many contributions to a broad range of space science disciplines. Deadline for submission to ISSI: March 2, 2015.

Call for Proposals 2015 Johannes Geiss Fellowship

Annoucement: Call for Team Proposals 2015
The next call for International Teams by ISSI and ISSI-BJ will be released on January 21, 2015. All details about this call and the procedure can be found on ISSI's webpage from January 21, 2015 on.

New Publications

Space Science Series of ISSI


Volume 49: The Physics of Accretion onto Black Hole

edited by M. Falanga, T. Belloni, P. Casella, M. Gilfanov, P. Jonker, A. King

Reprinted from Reviews in Space Science Volume 183, 1-4, 2014

The book is also available as eBook.

More Information

Annual Report 2013/2014


The Annual Report summarizes the activities, publications, financial overview etc. of the 19th business year. Hard copies are available from the ISSI Secretary.

Download pdf Version

SPATIUM Magazine No. 34


How Earth Observation and Super-Computers Have Made Global Weather Prediction Possible

by Lennart Bengtsson

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First Call for Papers and Pre-registration Open for PATHWAYS TOWARDS HABITABLE PLANETS II

One of the most exciting scientific challenges of this century is the search of habitable worlds around other stars, and the characterization of their atmospheres with the goal of detecting signs of biological activity. This is a long-term, interdisciplinary endeavor, engaging astrophysicists, biologists, planetary scientists, and instrument scientists. Pathways is dedicated to identifying the steps needed to address those questions. Its aim is to help integrate the prospective efforts in Europe and in the US, build a community around this theme, and bring together several pathways towards that final goal.

Detailed Information and Registration

Alpbach Summer School 2015

The Summer School Alpbach enjoys 39 years of tradition in providing in-depth teaching on different topics of space science and technology, featuring lectures and concentrated working sessions on mission studies in self-organized working groups. 60 young highly qualified European science and engineering students converge annually for stimulating 10 days of work in Alpbach/Tyrol in the Austrian Alps. The 2015 Summer School Alpbach will focus on "Quantum Physics and Fundamental Physics in Space" and will be held from 14 to 24 July 2015. The official call for applications will be released in February 2015.

Pro ISSI Talk "Ein Salzwasserozean im äusseren Sonnensystem: Die Raumsonde Cassini erforscht den spektakulären Saturnmond Enceladus"
with Frank Postberg on March 25, 2015

Der Verein Pro ISSI organisiert regelmässig Referate mit führenden Persönlichkeiten aus der Wissenschaft. Der nächste Vortrag findet am 25. März 2015, 18.15 Uhr, am ISSI statt. Frank Postberg (Universität Stuttgart, Deutschland) wird zum Thema "Ein Salzwasserozean im äusseren Sonnensystem: Die Raumsonde Cassini erforscht den spektakulären Saturnmond Enceladus" referieren. Der Vortrag ist in deutscher Sprache.

The Association Pro ISSI hosts regular events for its members inviting leading personalities of the science community to present scope and results of their activities. Next Lecture will take place on 25 March 2015, 18h15 at ISSI. Frank Postberg (University of Stuttgart, Germany) will give a public talk on "Ein Salzwasserozean im äusseren Sonnensystem: Die Raumsonde Cassini erforscht den spektakulären Saturnmond Enceladus". The presentation is in German.

More Information about the Pro ISSI Association

Webpage of Frank Postberg

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